The [Official] Beginning

February 14, 2019 - SpencerOs

Well, it's sure been a busy month and a half but it's just the beginning of an even greater journey.

After getting the company founded, receiving seed funding, moving into a real office, and then building a company; it's good to know that now we can get back to work.

But what is this site for? Who are we?

This Blog

There were several reasons for creating this website and our own personal blogging platform. First of which was that with this, we'd have a place to begin documenting the development of our games. By doing this we'd be able to break down and show all the steps of game development, what challenges/hurdles we run across, as well as showing to the world just how many of them can be overcome (tutorials can be a wonderful thing).

Our First Game

If you ask any dev who hasn't yet announced what they're working on publicly what their next game is going to be, chances are pretty good you'll get a "well, we have a few ideas that we're kicking around right now". While there are a few ideas for subsequent projects, we have nailed down what our first main project will be. The main concept behind it is a carting game, but with some notable twists. Some of these twists we aren't ready to talk about quite yet, but one notable aspect about it which we can bring into the light right now is that it will be crossplay on any platform we bring it to. (Big talk, yes, we know. But keep coming back to see how we pull it off if you're interested.)

The goal is to tentatively have this game out within a year. But until we have more of a finished product, there is no announcement on a release date quite yet.

Our Vision

With this company, there are several preliminary goals we wish to hit.

Closing Out

If you've read this far down the post, thanks a ton! You're both the real MVP and literate! (Your mother was right all those times she told you about how much of a catch you are!)

Feel free to poke around the site, get in contact with us, and be sure to come back next week for our first weekly update!

See you soon!


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